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February 24, 2007

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Enteringhongkong I can't believe that I was in Hong Kong and Bangalore for a month and all I was able to blog was the first week in Hong Kong.  I have so many memories that I haven't blogged about and may not get a chance to.  I particularly regret not getting a chance to blog about Bangalore at all.  That's a damn shame.    In my defense, work was pretty intense the whole time, and when we weren't working we were hanging out, going out to eat, and generally having a good time, and when we weren't doing that, I was too damn tired to blog.  Let me say that I have a newfound admiration for serious bloggers who write every day. 

I had a great time abroad.  It was a quite an opportunity for me, since I haven't traveled much up until this year, and I've certainly never been to Asia.  To be honest, it was never even on my radar.  But now that I've been out there, I've got a whole new set of destinations I've got to figure out how to make it to someday:  Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangkok...the list goes on.

I'm back Stateside now, and I'll keep posting memories of the trip as I have a chance.  I've also tried to put small stories in the comments on my flickr stream in order to tell things that I may not get around to blogging about. 

I loved going abroad, and there was so much stimulation and novelty that I didn't really miss San Francisco, but it's amazing how excited I felt stepping out of the Civic Center BART station and looking up and down Market Street.  If you're lucky enough to love where you live, like I do, then one of the best things about traveling is coming home.

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