WBW #5: Wacky Wine Names
January 27, 2005

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BallbusterlabelThis month's Wine Blogging Wednesday, hosted by Chez Pim, is themed "Wacky Wine Names".  A little research has led me to the conclusion that it's the Australians who are the indisputable masters of wack. For every Folie a Deux or Frog's Leap we have, there are fifteen Woop Woops, Wirra Wirras, Laughing Magpies, Money Spiders, Mad Fish, Fifth Legs, and Kangarillas waiting in the wings. They're as mad as hatters down there. Face it: in wine or anything else, who can challenge the Aussies for the crown of Sheer Wackiness?

2003 Tait Ballbuster   ($14)

Deep, rich purple color. Liqueur on the nose, with a touch of eucalyptus. On the palate: a burst of juicy, dark fruit, then liqueur and a little menthol...which is all blown out of your mouth by an blast of alcohol and tannin. One presumes that this is the "ball-busting" part alluded to in the name, and it is indeed a bit punishing. 15.5% alcohol, and you can taste every bit of it. That is, until it anesthetizes your tongue.

Some people like it rough. Robert Parker appears to be one of those; apparently this wine recieved 91 points in the Wine Advocate. Me, I prefer a little less slap and a little more tickle.

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