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August 22, 2002

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In order to whet your appetite (and mine) for this weekend, and to motivate me to finish making the trip preparations, I thought I'd link to some other bloggers who have been to the French Laundry and lived, if in somewhat distended form, to tell about it:

Note:  You may need to search on the page for "French Laundry" to find the relevant information.

My own experience
I've retroactively added my own French Laundry experience to this page.

Some recent visits

Making a reservation

Three friends have a food orgy

Other experiences

I am sooo ready.

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Had dinner last Wednesday night the 1st of Feb., 2006. Used Open Table to find an open time and booked it. Arrived on time, had to wait a few minutes for our table, as did the others for the 5:30 seating. Menu was up to $210 for the 9 course tasting (more like 14), advertised at $175. The tab for our party of 4 including the waiter’s choice for wine pairings was over $1400. We sent a glass of wine back to the chef and they poured a glass of port on the house for each of us. The dishes served were hit and miss. I kept expecting a little something extra on the plate that would make me say, “yeah, that’s the ticket”, but that didn’t happen too many times. Could I have flown to Paris and had an equal meal? Yes, but why do that when it's only an hour drive to Yountville from my house. I'd love to go back...when I hit the lottery or someone else is buying. If you love your wife/significant other then you'll make the necessary sacrifices. My only regret was not sampling the pre embargo Cuban cigars at the back of the wine menu, but alas it was cold and drizzling and the garden wasn't that inviting in the damp darkness. Nonetheless, we’ll be talking about and comparing the experience for the rest of our days, and when we go, we’ll go fat and happy!! Bon appetite.

Posted by: James at Feb 4, 2006 9:30:48 PM